The route is about 446 miles with 15,623 feet of climbing over the course of seven days. The route will be finalized closer to the date of the ride to avoid poor riding conditions such as construction or flooding.

Day 0: Build Day Option in Lafayette
Day 1: Lafayette to Crawfordsville | 65 miles | 1287 feet | GPX
Day 1: Lafayette to Lafayette | 93 miles | 1626 feet | GPX
Day 2: Crawfordsville to Terre Haute | 70 miles | 1986 feet | GPX
Day 3: Terre Haute to Linton |  53.7 miles | 1315 feet | GPX
Day 4: Linton to Bedford | 69 miles | 3892 feet | GPX
Day 5: Bedford to Elletsville | 44 miles | 3613 feet | GPX
Day 6: Elletsville to Indianapolis | 75 miles | 2405 feet | GPX
Day 7: Indianapolis to Lafayette | 70 miles | 1125 feet | GPX


Safety is our #1 priority for our participants. Our route selection methods will ensure the best possible experience, but cycling is inherently dangerous. Collisions can occur on any public road.

So how do we select the route?

1. We start with the Strava Global Heatmap. This tool makes it easy to plan a preliminary route. It's not foolproof, but it's an excellent place to start.

2. We are fortunate in Indiana to have the book Backroads of Indiana by Charlie Meyer. He has compiled paved backroads and suggested routes for the entire state of Indiana. We cross check our route with Charlie's book.

3. Next, we check the Indiana Department of Transportation Traffic Count website to check major roads for high traffic volumes.

4. Finally, we ride the route! We won't ask you to ride anything we wouldn't. We document the ride and make adjustments as needed. 



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