Lunch is on your own during the ride. Day 7 will end with pie and ice cream in Indianapolis. Here are some suggested eateries.

Dinner for Day 0 near Purdue's Campus

Dinner for Day 0 in Lafayette

Most restaurants are along S.R. 26 (South St)

Day 1 (Thorntown)

Dairy Queen
Subway/Marathon Gas Station
All other restaurants in the area are closed on Sundays.

Day 2 (Rockville)

Thirty-Six Saloon

Day 2 (Rockville)

The Flour Basket

Day 3 (Clay City)

Glory Days

Day 3 (Clay City)

Mayberry Malt & Coffee Shoppe


Day 3 (Clay City)

Day 4 (Springville)

Springville Grocery

Day 5 (Bloomington)

Day 6 (Mooresville)